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Kiteboarding Lesson Plans


Land Lesson

Duration: 1.5 Hours

You will be introduced to basics of Kiteboarding and will learn: 1) Understanding wind (Wind Window & Power Zone) 2) Launch and safely operate Power Kite 3) Review Safety and different types of gear. Location is determined based on wind direction. We try to stay within 15 mile radius from Boston for most of the lessons.


Water Lesson(1)

Duration: 3 Hours (2 students per instructor)

We will cover Safety mechanisms and general guidance for staying safe on the water and land while practising Kiteboarding. 2) Kite Control. You will practise kite skill while standing and use a safety system. A crucial point to gain confidence and get comfortable before getting into the water. 3) Body dragging in the water At this point you will have chance to practice and control kite without a kiteboard. 4) Upwind body dragging and Board retrieval. 5) Water Kite Relaunch. 6) Getting on the board.



Duration: 3 Hours (2 students per instructor)

We will go over exercises that need the most attention, based on student needs.


2 day camp

8 Hours in total

Combine all 3 lessons in 2 day Boston Kitesurfing Camp.

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